Productivity Hack No. 1: Avoid Thinking, Assuming, & Feeling

We entrepreneurs face a challenge. With the many things required to accomplish on a daily basis we need to be as effective as possible, not just efficient, so we can successfully tackle the seemingly never ending lists of to-dos we create for ourselves at the end of the working day.

For a long time I assumed that my working system was one that was taking me to the next level, I felt that everything was as good as it could be. After many years working in the same way I finally began to realize that that shiny next level I thought I had worked for simply never came to be: I was in the exact same place I was when I had started.

I had to accept that I was not doing my very best, that I was not being effective—I pretty much stayed “busy, busy, busy” without moving one step above. I thought, assumed, and felt that things were okay, money was still coming in, but thinking, assuming, and feeling without measuring is simply a big, irreversible waste of time.

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Entrepreneur: Why Taking Time off Should Be on Your Priority List

We entrepreneurs love to work on our projects, don’t we? If it is something we really want to create or develop as fast as possible we tend to put absurd amounts of hours on a daily basis sometimes not realizing that we are pushing ourselves to imminent exhaustion.

When we reach that point of no return is when we realize that we have crossed the line and the very moment when thoughts of taking time off begin to cross our projects-filled, entrepreneurial brains.

We can’t let go. It is as if an important part of us is being put to sleep and our busy brains can’t seem to be able to adjust to the fact that it is time to stop for a while.

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Social Media Profile Photo Covers Done Right 2016

Last week I was working on the new social media covers for my company, Otter Creative Studio. Because following up-to-date guidelines for each social media profile is the right thing to do, we set out to ensure we were creating these covers using the right dimensions—we want them to look its best possible!

Besides looks, and due to the large amount of devices used to access social media platforms these days, it is also important to consider the visible area or the portion of your nicely-designed cover that actually gets seen and that isn’t overlapped by your avatar and other miscellaneous stuff.

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There’s What You Know & What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know

Dane Maxwell founder of The Foundation has truly been an inspiration and definitely a catalyst for whom I am today. Through his seemingly endless pieces of encouraging, life-changing content such as this podcast—loaded with truly amazing business information by the way, I was able to open up my mind to a world of possibilities.

Through one of his videos, he shared what I believe is one of the most powerful, mind-blowing “secrets” I have learned in a long time: this one is, truly, one I will never forget and one I wish I had pondered on many years ago.

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Chandler Bolt & Why Failing It’s a Sign You’re on to Something

Through Dane Maxwell, a successful entrepreneur founder of The Foundation, I have been able to learn a ton about business, SaaS, personal development, and many other important topics that have made both my personal and professional life better.

A couple of days ago I was going over one of his newsletter emails titled C-Level College Drop Out Writes 5 Best Selling Books in which he talked about “Chandler [Bolt who] grew his business Self-Publishing School from 0 to $1.3M and he’s written 5 best-selling books since dropping out.”

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