There’s What You Know & What You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know

Dane Maxwell founder of The Foundation has truly been an inspiration and definitely a catalyst for whom I am today. Through his seemingly endless pieces of encouraging, life-changing content such as this podcast—loaded with truly amazing business information by the way, I was able to open up my mind to a world of possibilities.

Through one of his videos, he shared what I believe is one of the most powerful, mind-blowing “secrets” I have learned in a long time: this one is, truly, one I will never forget and one I wish I had pondered on many years ago.

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Chandler Bolt & Why Failing It’s a Sign You’re on to Something

Through Dane Maxwell, a successful entrepreneur founder of The Foundation, I have been able to learn a ton about business, SaaS, personal development, and many other important topics that have made both my personal and professional life better.

A couple of days ago I was going over one of his newsletter emails titled C-Level College Drop Out Writes 5 Best Selling Books in which he talked about “Chandler [Bolt who] grew his business Self-Publishing School from 0 to $1.3M and he’s written 5 best-selling books since dropping out.”

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The Start of a New Era: Why Didn’t I Start Before?

Ah, procrastination! …or has it just been lack of time all along? Who knows but I am now sitting writing my first blog post entry and it is irrevocably a sign of a new era for me as a professional and as an individual. It feels great, I am accomplishing one more thing in my life, and I couldn’t wait any longer to get it all started.

The TNNVTR is a project, my professional life all in one encompassing absolutely everything I am in love with, find out more on the about page, and this website is simply its portal: I cannot wait to share more with all of you!

See you on the other side.