Productivity Hack No. 1: Avoid Thinking, Assuming, & Feeling

We entrepreneurs face a challenge. With the many things required to accomplish on a daily basis we need to be as effective as possible, not just efficient, so we can successfully tackle the seemingly never ending lists of to-dos we create for ourselves at the end of the working day.

For a long time I assumed that my working system was one that was taking me to the next level, I felt that everything was as good as it could be. After many years working in the same way I finally began to realize that that shiny next level I thought I had worked for simply never came to be: I was in the exact same place I was when I had started.

I had to accept that I was not doing my very best, that I was not being effective—I pretty much stayed “busy, busy, busy” without moving one step above. I thought, assumed, and felt that things were okay, money was still coming in, but thinking, assuming, and feeling without measuring is simply a big, irreversible waste of time.

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HustleCon: Startup Information & Hacks from Those Who Made It

A while ago during my search to learn more about startups I found out about The Hustle, “a daily email that explains the most important stuff going on in the world of business, tech, and culture and what it means to young, ambitious professionals like yourself.”

I signed up to their newsletter and I really, really, really enjoyed reading the content they were coming up with which you can find right on this link. If you are looking for information you can hardly find anywhere else, and you are all about startups, then this IS a great place to start!

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